Κεφαλληνία / Kefalonia, Greece

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Kefalonia is the biggest of the seven Ionian islands, an archipelagowest of mainland Greece that includes other popular tourist destinations like Zante and Corfu. The island is very mountainous.

Some key feaures:

– main town: Argostoli
– main ports: Sami and Poros
– area: about 800 sq. km
– population: about 40,000
– highest point: Mount Aenos, 1628 m
– average July temperature: 26° C
– average July rain: 0 mm

The island of Kefalonia is not only famous for the endangered Loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta. It also hosts many other remarkable forms of wildlife, which include:

– the endemic Cephalonian fir tree Abies cephalonica
– the critically endangered monk seal Monachus monachus
– the wild horses of Mount Aenos (see photo)
– and many more, wild flowers, birds of prey, etc.

The island has many other attractions, like the world famous beach Myrtos.

Here’s a list of some of our favourites:

– a hike to Mount Aenos
– turtle spotting in Argostoli harbour
– north east scenic coastal road viewing Ithaca
– snorkelling in Katelios bay
– kayaking around the island
– Getting off the main roads and biking around small, traditional villages.
– local yogurt with local honey.

If you really feel that you have to, you can also go see Myrtos beach, Melissani cave and the like. You will definitely find lots of other tourists there in the summer.