Local schools

Educating children about the importance of nature and turtle conservation is an absolute priority for our future.

Local children are the future of the island. They will be the ones to develop areas of coastline and become members of local government, etc. If we can spark interest and respect in children at an earlier age then hopefully they will want to protect the natural wealth of Kefalonia.

We invite local schools (sometimes they even come from the mainland!) to come to Katelios for a morning of “turtle education”. We give practical presentations in our Environmental Centre, showing what turtles do when they come to nest and the problems they can face on the beach.
If they have time, we usually take children to the beach to show the ‘action’ in its proper place and to play some educational games.

Other times we go to the schools to show presentations and to play games. It is a pleasant day for everyone and if children remember even only a small part of what they have seen and done, then we believe it to be a success.

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